Web Design For Your Business

Proven design and implementation for online business websites.

Website Design Tips For Online Business


One thing that connects the internet and business online, it’s your website. A version of a physical store front, the way your website’s landing page is designed determines whether a visitor can be converted into a customer. Website design can affect how your customers perceive your brand and trust. It goes hand in hand with the quality of content and message that’s written on a site.

Conversion Optimization.

The website’s layout for SEO and conversion correlates on the volume of traffic and leads. Quality content can help drive search engine traffic, and good, simple layout can keep visitors on your site stay longer. And the longer they stay, the more they’ll be oriented on the products or service you provide.

Take time to utilize A/B testing tools. Data from customer responses on two different designs can be used to optimize web design. This can remove the guesswork on design elements like theme color, button position and design, or on which front headline drives more traffic.

Keep It Updated.

Online trends drive most of online business sales. Out-dated website design can reflect a negligent business owner and web admin. It’s important that you keep it updated and responsive, to keep it compatible with software updates and browser configuration. Here are some of the hot trends on web design.

Parallax Scrolling – Less clicks and more scrolling, this design is similar to Pinterest. Some websites incorporate a one page with infinite scrolling feature that constitutes all main pages. It effectively keeps readers engaged over all the info within that one page compared to clicking links and slideshows. The only possible setback on this is that all your content is placed in a single page, and this can affect your SEO performance.

Responsive Design – Ensures that your website elements are fully functional on any type of browser or device, especially for mobile phones and tablets.

Effect of Typography – Content still has effect on SEO, and typography can bring together graphics and website elements. It creates a sense of visual logic and substance.

Video Background – Modern themes can run a moving video in the background.

Regular Maintenance

You don’t want anyone to find any broken pages on your website. Page cannot be found, Error 404, blocked content and faulty redirect can hurt your conversion statistics. Imagine a customer browsing your online store and finds a faulty link to an item that he was interested with. Most likely the customer will lose interest on other items as well if they encounter an error. Make sure that the links, shopping cart and checkout counter are working 24/7.